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IMPORTANT Applications to join the Ocabreeders for tubers are now closed until January 2018. If you have paid and not yet received your starts please contact us, we may not have your mailing address and our emails to you are being missed.

Subscription members will receive tubers to plant, opportunities to be involved in various experiments and lots of support and encouragement. The money will help us cover the costs of p&p, the website, documentation and storage of seed tubers and maintaining the trial areas where the seeds are grown out.

There will be four streams for members but if you feel you have skills or resources to use that aren’t adequately addressed by the standard models then contact us and we can talk about it.

Supporters: Costs £15 This is aimed at new contacts who have only just found out about us. They receive a pack of 12 pretty, named oca. The varieties will be chosen from past seasons, oca which is capable of making a good crop but is no longer needed in the breeding programme. They will be named and registered with OSSI so that they remain in the public domain. We don’t expect supporters to take part in any experiments, this is a way to support the Guild financially.

Observers: Costs £15 They receive a similar pack of twelve tubers to the supporters but the varieties are still in the programme under numerical ID and need to be documented for the records. We ask them to return simplified results for plant form, tuber colour and yields at the end of the year. They find out if oca research is for them. As contributing members they are entitled to join the closed Facebook group, ask support questions, give feedback and be part of the community. At the end of the season they keep their crop (unless there’s a special reason where we need help to maintain a variety when we may ask for a handful back).

Experimenters: Costs £30 They get a choice of starter pack, either supporters or observers. If they take the observers pack they will return the observation results at the end of the season. They also have access to supplies of our recent varieties and test materials for specified experiments e.g. the destructive harvest. We don’t expect them to carry out more than one sort of experiment a year but they may be able to take several varieties to test by negotiation depending on their time and resources. We will provide very strict protocols for the experiments which we will expect them to follow. Access to the Facebook group and support is available and the opportunity to use the experiments as part of personal education or career aims, e.g. writing of papers, supported by the Guild.

Nurturers: Costs £30 This is for experienced growers who have proven ability and resources to care for many oca. They are entrusted with seedlings, scarce material for bulking up, crossing blocks etc. They still get the starter pack if they want it but they are senior members and expected to be very involved to the extent that each nurturer will discuss and plan their year’s activity with us before starting.

Unwaged: contact us, we may be able to find a way.

Fill in the form or contact to make an application. We will email you to ask for your mailing address.

There’s a discount of 30% on your subscription in the following year if you complete the cycle and return your results.

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